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Welcome to the learn_tolkien community! This is a forum for all the languages of Tolkien.

This LJ is for Tolkien-related language discussion only. If you have a community you'd like to advertise, then please email the moderator before posting. (moderator is freckles42 and her email can be found on her userinfo page.)

If you are looking for someone to translate/check your translation for a tattoo, please go here: elvish_tattoo. Thanks.

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I had not needed to outline any rules before, but some people can't play nicely. IF YOUR POST IS NOT ON-TOPIC, IT WILL BE REMOVED. If possible, I will comment and explain the reason for removal before I actually do it. There is to be no bickering, bitching, whining, or complaining about my decisions in this matter. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go into my personal livejournal and leave notes for me regarding this community. It's poor form. Email me if you must. Thank you for understanding.

As a side note, introduction posts are strongly discouraged.